May 2013: Sight-seeing at the Aloe Vera plant in Spain

IMG 0601 The Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant is harvested after 5 years, peeled and immediately worked into drink-gel.
Vegas Cosmetics offers a fresh-leaf drinkable gel and compared to many other producers, no concentrates or powders, which must first be imported from overseas.
The biological Aloe Vera by Vegas contains up to 2000 mg Acemannan (Aloeverose), whereas concentrates only contain 700 mg Acemannan. Although Acemannan is one of the most important and essential ingredients of Aloe Vera (referred to by Wikipedia).

Vegas Aloe Vera contains no sodium benzol  / Benzoat (pls. refer to definition and side effects with Wikipedia) or thickening-agents such as Xanthan, as an additive to supposedly give the impression of a fresh-leaf gel.
Vegas Cosmetics does without these additives.
The Vegas Cosmetics Bio Aloe Vera consist of 99,97% Aloe Vera Bardensis Miller from ecological growth and ascorbic acid/lemon juice and is free of aloin.
That is why the Vegas drink gel was awarded with the highly recognized, independent and meaningful “Bio-Seal”. Furthermore, every glass-bottle has its own control-number, which is directly posted on the bottle.

When ordering 5 bottles, you receive the 6th. Bottle free! Our margin then rises to 65%.

Treat yourself to something good! You will taste and feel the difference!

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